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Set aside just one hour a week to learn online and you could get ahead in your current role!

  • 82% of all job openings online require at least basic digital skills, such as using office programs like Microsoft Word or Excel 
  • One in three people have used online learning to help them get a better job. On average, online learning can boost your annual pay by £3,640 too.
  • Some of us haven’t thought about maths since secondary school. Others want to be more connected online, but don’t know where to start.
    With The Skills Toolkit, you can brush up on both in your own time. For free.

‘An Hour to Skill’ is a new campaign to inspire the nation to spend one hour a week learning online with The Skills Toolkit.

These high-quality, online courses aim to further develop skills that employers are looking for, such as communicating effectively at work, practical maths, boosting digital skills and how to build a professional online presence.

Learn about:

  • practical maths
  • computer essentials
  • personal growth and wellbeing
  • professional development
  • business and finance
  • digital design and marketing
  • computer science and coding

Take ‘An Hour to Skill’ by starting a free online course via The Skills Toolkit

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