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Working with children is like no other job.  If you are interested in making a difference in children’s lives come and train at CALAT.

Being part of a child’s growth and development is both an honour and a challenge with amazing rewards for both you and the children in your care.

We offer a range of courses and opportunities for people interested in working with children and young people either in Early Years Settings, schools or as a child-minder.

Our courses are delivered by highly qualified professionals who have a wealth of experience across the children’s and young people’s workforce.  We work in close partnership with local authority and voluntary sector services which ensures our training is up to date and fully prepares learners for employment or running their own business.

You will be required to have a work placement or current employment within a Childcare or School setting as well as an up to date DBS check.

Our courses are arranged as follows:

Working in schools courses

Our Teaching Assistant courses are delivered by staff with a range of educational backgrounds and experiences. You will gain an understanding of the rewards and expectations of working within a school environment.

Our classes include fun and challenging activities such as: reflections on practice, case studies, individual and team presentations, role play and researching relevant legislation and policies.

In addition, you will undertake a work placement where you will gain practical experience of how to effectively support learning activities. This will complement the skills and knowledge you will develop throughout the course and fully prepare you for employment in an educational setting.

We offer the following courses:

Qualification Level and Title

C&G (City & Guilds) Entry 3 Certificate in Employability Skills

What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Prepare effectively for voluntary work in schools
  • Make an informed decision about the right course to suit your career and training needs
  • Identify the skills and qualities that you could offer as a teaching assistant or another chosen area of employment

Topics covered:

  • The role of the teaching assistant
  • Planning for progression
  • Effective communication
  • Team work
  • Safe learning in the workplace
  • Learner project
  • Attitudes and values for personal and professional development

What extra work I need to do outside the classroom?

Completion of assignment tasks.  Read articles on current developments in education and an optional school visit to observe a lesson.

Progression opportunities

You can progress to the OCR Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools once you have achieved your level 1 in English and fulfilled the selection criteria.

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Qualification Level and Title

OCR Level2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • This course will enable you to gain skills supporting a teacher in classroom activities
  • It targets the key skills, knowledge and competence that employers would expect of someone working at this level as a Teaching Assistant in a school setting.

Topics covered:

  • Provide effective support for teaching and learning in schools
  • Identify stages of child development and its impact on learning
  • Implement school policies and procures for safeguarding children
  • Use a variety of strategies to manage pupils’ behaviour
  • Use different communication strategies to build and maintain positive relationships with pupils and staff
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in schools
  • Devise an action plan for personal and professional development

What extra work I need to do outside the classroom?

Work in a school in a paid, voluntary or placement capacity at Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1-6 for a minimum of 120 hours over the period of the course

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Early year’s courses

Be part of children’s learning and development from the very beginning!! (0-5 years old)

Our Early Year’s courses are taught by experienced tutors with a range of backgrounds in working with children and their families. They are enthusiastic about how to support children’s learning through play in a safe stimulating environment.

Our courses will support you in developing a career through class discussions, teacher lead presentations, case studies, video viewings, visiting speakers and even making playdough!!

In our level 2 and 3 courses and you will also have the experience of volunteering/working in an Early Years setting to gain the skills to support the knowledge that you will gain during the course.

With our Childminding course you will develop a business plan that will support you in becoming a registered childminder.

Our courses are as follows:

  • L1 Award in caring for children
  • L2 Certificate in introduction to early years education
  • L3 Diploma for early years educators


  • L3 Award in preparing to work in home-based child-minding

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