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Do you have a learning difficulty and/or a disability?

CALAT have an exciting range of courses for you to help you to gain qualifications, develop English and Maths skills and enjoy yourself. You will learn new skills, make friends, get fitter and move towards independence and employment. Courses take place at our 3 centres across Croydon.

New learners will have an interview and assessment to find out your starting point and assess which courses meet their needs.

Our courses are divided into 3 groups:

  • Courses for wellbeing and creativity
  • Courses to improve English and maths skills
  • Courses that are a pathway to employment

Courses for wellbeing and creativity

These courses help you to develop creative skills and enjoy activities with other people. Courses cost £78 per year. Some courses also have additional fees for materials.

You will learn about:

We offer the following community courses:

• Cooking and Eating
• Advanced cookery
• Dancing around the World
• Performing Arts
• Music
• Rambling
• Art and video-making
• Drawing and painting
• Mosaics
• Gardening
• Printmaking
• Recycled crafts

Courses to improve English and maths skills

You will learn about different subjects and improve your English and Maths skills. These courses are free.

  • • Geography
    • What’s new
    • Literacy: Becoming more independent through words
    • Advanced literacy
    • Developing independence
    • Learner Reps
    • Everyday numbers
    • Managing money

Pathways to employment courses

These courses are for learners who want to develop skills for work.  They lead to entry level qualifications. The courses are free if you are on eligible benefits.

  • Planning for life and work
  • Healthy living
  • Creative computers
  • Advanced computers
  • Preparing for work in hospitality
  • Myself, my community, my world

If all this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in then get in touch and come and have some fun!

Contact us on: 020 8604 7061

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